I was born in São Paulo and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, where I studied at the Parque Laje Visual Arts School. When I came back to São Paulo I attended the FAAP College of Fine Arts. However the most important time in my training was when I worked as an assistant at L. P. Baravelli’s studio. (Baravelli is distinguished Brazilian artist)
I worked as a designer for a long time, creating and producing lamps, that were more sculptural than functional, but nowadays artistc works is more important to me.
Strange creatures and shapes emerge in my mind and I don’t know where from.
When I see cave paintings I feel a line that connects myself with human expression needs and the symbols, a primal way of communication. We have had so much atavistic information that we carry, operating in our behavior and we know little about it.
Usually I don’t make preparatory drawings or projects, I just start working intuitively.
Nature is my main source of inspiration, that's why I currently live on a farm in the countryside of São Paulo.

I have taken part in many collective exhibitions in Brazil, the USA and Europe.

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